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The Weedend

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1. Place your pick-up order. You will be given a time for your pick-up order. 2. Arrive at the pick-up location at the designated time given at checkout for pick-up. Our driver/courier will arrive on-time. 3. Pay and receive for your order.
San Diego (Pick-Up)
222 Island Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
Open Daily
10am - 10pm
Call Upon Arrival

About Us

The Weedend is a non-competitive cannabis delivery service that services San Diego County and Inland Empire. We are a group of dedicated individuals connecting people through marijuana grown by sustainable farming practices. Our goal is to provide quality cannabis at affordable prices while taking care of our customers’ recreational or medicinal needs and to be the premier mobile dispensary in San Diego. We pride ourselves on being the most professional, reliable, and discreet marijuana delivery service. The Weedend is a non-competitive mobile dispensary that provides superior customer service for all marijuana users. We do this by focusing on the technology aspect by offering an online menu that lets customers order their recreational or medicinal cannabis products at any time. Our online menu is intuitive, informative, and easy-to-use with no hidden fees or taxes on marijuana products. The website also lists new promotions and deals from time to time, so keep an eye on those! The Weedend works with multiple vendors who use sustainable practices to grow marijuana crops, resulting in high-quality products for our customers. We guarantee the best prices because we do not pay for marketing campaigns, instead, we do it by word of mouth and a close-knit community that helps our cannabis delivery service. The company has direct contact with many vendors and customers in order to ensure fair prices every time. Because of this collaboration, we guarantee fantastic recreational and medicinal products from trusted suppliers which meet standards as well as GMP guidelines during manufacturing. It’s all according to industry standards. The Weedend is also constantly looking for new ways to improve our service quality and offer an unmatched experience! Our mobile dispensary has a wide range of recreational marijuana products including edibles, concentrates, vapes cartridges as well as other cannabis-related items such as pre-rolls, wax, rolling paper, and lighters. Our marijuana delivery service focus everywhere in San Diego County, and we have service areas out in Temecula, Menifee, Hemet, and Murrieta. It's all safe and reliable. There is no purchase minimum for curbside pick-up orders. We do same-day delivery and cash on delivery, so you can pay when you get your cannabis. Contact us at any time through this page or at (619) 330-0894. We’re open seven days a week. If you’d like to know more about our service and what we do at The Weedend, email us at We look forward to connecting with you soon!