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Sluggers x Viola | Grapes and Cream | Infused 3.5g 5pk

Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $27.00.

An official collaboration with legacy brand Viola and Al Harrington, Grapes and Cream crosses Grape Pie and Cookies N Cream creating an instant classic with a flavorful burst of fruit and cream, reminiscent of a grape parfait. This heavily sought after cultivar delivers dense, purple buds, beautifully covered in thick trichomes giving a visual appeal reminiscent of its name. Users report feeling relief from pain and inflammation as well as anxiety and insomnia. These highly sought after genetics are ground from whole flower, large buds, and JUICED* with live diamonds and solventless hash, creating an infused joint that dunks on competition.

Each 5-pack of SLUGGERS HIT JUICED* are infused with premium bud, liquid diamonds & solventless hash.