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Monday Expresso 6g | Neau Tropics (Magic Mushroom Bar)


Neau Tropics

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Monday Expresso

Belgian milk chocolate base, roasted coffee, bold beans, and 6g of whole fruiting bodies.
Gluten Free

Neau Tropics is a Los Angeles–based company that produces chocolate bars infused with psilocybin mushrooms. Each bar contains 6 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and is available in various flavors. The company prides itself on using only the finest ingredients, including organic, fair trade, couverture grade chocolate. Neau Tropics‘ mushroom chocolate bar is considered one of the tastiest and smoothest chocolate bars in the world, according to some reviewers.

Neau Tropics Shroom chocolate bars. Magic mushrooms can be eaten or brewed as tea. But users share the same sentiment that they taste like dirt in either method. The unpleasant flavor profile prompted people to create a more palatable alternative to consuming magic mushrooms. That’s why underground delicacies like mushroom chocolate is booming in popularity.