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Crown OG 1.3g | Royal Highness



Crown OG 1.3g Royal

  • British Free-range Bronze Turkey Crown, bone-in, 2.5kg
  • 24 Pigs in Blankets, packs of 8, 315g per pack
  • 2 packs Traditional Poultry Gravy, 500g per pack
  • 2 Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing, 450g each


  • 2 packs Braised Red Cabbage with Port, 300g per pack
  • 2 packs Buttered Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta & Black Pepper, 300g per pack
  • 2 packs Honey Roast Parsnips, 300g per pack
  • 4 packs Roast Potatoes with Beef Dripping, 300g per pack


  • Luxury Christmas Pudding, 907g